Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01-A L/Corp Allen, R (ww2) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
2 01-B 619200 Wl Op Lytle, Samuel John Royal Air Force 44 Squadron 08/07/1941
3 02-A 840236 Gnr Baird, Joseph Royal Artillery 20/04/1941
4 02-B 1676946 Sgt. Marks, William James Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 100 Squadron 01/07/1944
5 03-A 2723094 L/Corp Black, James Henry Irish Guards 2nd Battalion 08/09/1944
6 03-B 32372396 Pte. Meglaughlin, Robert US Army 05/11/1943
7 04-A 6977259 Sgt. Blemings, Thomas Alexander Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 18/01/1944
8 04-B 41120 Lt Col Milnes-Gaskell, Charles Thomas Coldstream Guards 05/11/1943
9 05-A 1123751 Wl Op Buchanan, Thomas Alexander Stuart Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 166 Squadron 05/05/1943
10 05-B 6983646 Corp Moffit, John Anderson Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 02/05/1944
11 06-A 6980607 L/Corp Campbell, Patrick Joseph Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 17/01/1944
12 06-B 32004368 Pte. Montgomery, George US Army 165th Infantry Regiment 21/11/1943
13 07-A 1091991 Sgt. Cardwell, Thomas Harry Royal Field Artillery 136 Field Regiment 07/07/1945
14 07-B 6976983 Sgt. McAleer D.C.M., Frank Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6th Battalion 08/05/1943
15 08-A 7903466 L/Corp Chambers, Thomas Samuel Royal Armoured Corps 23/05/1944
16 08-B T/14654897 Driver McCammon, S Royal Army Service Corps 247 Motor Boat Company 16/07/1946
17 09-A 522572 Sgt. Chapman, Harold Royal Air Force 149 Squadron 18/03/1941
18 09-B 1126145 Sgt. McCleary, John Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 61 Squadron 25/08/1942
19 10-A 6985080 Pte. Corr, James Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 16/10/1947
20 10-B 3127816 Sgt. McCrea, James Royal Scots Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 11/02/1940
21 11-A 13024572 Sgt. Crooks, James Pioneer Corps 02/12/1940
22 11-B 1822703 Gnr McCrory, James Royal Field Artillery 21 Lt. A.A. Regiment 26/07/1943
23 12-A Fusilier Curry, T (ww2) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
24 12-B Sgt. McIntyre, F (ww2) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
25 13-A 1119294 Lead Airc Dixon, Thomas Alexander Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 28/08/1941
26 13-B C/SSX 22261 Teleg. Noble, William Frederick Royal Navy HMS Liverpool 14/10/1940
27 14-A 13007344 Pte. Fenwick, James Pioneer Corps 04/08/1942
28 14-B 978191 Pilot Off Orr, John Samuel Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 30/12/1942
29 15-A 1029884 Sgt. Graham, Henry James Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 547 Squadron 18/08/1943
30 15-B L/Corp Robinson, Robert Daniel Royal Ulster Rifles
31 16-A A/Sub Lt Gray, George Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve HMS Rajputana 13/04/1941
32 16-B 5569722 L/Corp Rush, Patrick Joseph Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 27/08/1944
33 17-A 6979562 Fusilier Herron, Michael John Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1st Battalion 19/04/1942
34 17-B 7014284 Pte. Seawright, Thomas Black Watch 5th Battalion 07/04/1943
35 18-A 6976964 Fusilier Houston, James Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 01/06/1940
36 18-B 1591275 Sgt. Steele-Nicholson, John E C A Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 14/09/1942
37 19-A 6984413 Gnr Kirk, Joseph Royal Field Artillery 140 Battery, 40 Lt. A.A. Regiment 06/12/1942
38 19-B 41965 Pilot Off Treanor, Alan Lancelot Royal Air Force 245 Squadron 01/06/1940
39 20-A 14424782 Pte. Kirk, Thomas Highland Light Regiment 2nd Battalion 26/06/1944
40 20-B 6977506 Sgt. White, Robert George (Bertie) Parachute Regiment 156th Battalion 19/09/1944
41 21-A 6979370 L/Corp Lambert, Thomas Patrick Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 18/01/1944
42 21-B 1501266 Sgt. Wilson, Andrew James Normandale Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 76 Squadron 12/06/1943
43 22-A 947052 Sgt. Langlands, John Porter Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 09/03/1943
44 22-B 6980359 Fusilier Wylie, Samuel David Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 19/07/1943
Town : Dungannon
Latitude : 54.50472
Lontitude : -6.768944
Date Unveiled :
Dungannon War Memorial is situated in the Market Square in the centre of the shopping area of the town

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Memorial History
Dungannon War Memorial is situated in the Market Square in the centre of the shopping area of the town
The inscription on the memorial is ;-
"In Memory Of The Soldiers And Nurses Of Dungannon Who Gave Their Lives For Freedom And Humanity In The Great War 1914 � 1918
The memorial, which has been erected at a cost of �1,700, is the work of Mr. F.W. Pomeroy, R.A., London.
It consists of a bronze figure, a soldier representing Victory, standing about 8 feet 6 inches, in height, which is mounted on a large pedestal of Stancliffe stone, on which are four bronze panels containing some 200 names of the fallen of Dungannon, almost 100 of those being men of the Royal Inniskillings Fusiliers.
The total height of the monument is 18 feet 6 inches (approx 6m), and weights about 30 tons. It was unveiled by the Countess of Ranfurly.
During his speech Brigadier-General Ricardo said, �Let the comradeship of the trenches, where no division of creed or class was known, be with them to the end. The memorial should remind them of their duty toex-Service men, especially the scarred and maimed in mind or body, many of whom to-day were unemployed. The men whom they honoured were all volunteers. No compulsion was needed to urge them. They lived and died free men.�
Dr. F. C. Mann, chairman of the Dungannon War Memorial Committee, read out the list of the fallen of Dungannon and district, whose names were inscribed on the memorial.
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