Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch  
09 Dec 2015 Sapper William Douglas Reid from Derryfubble, Benburb added, courtesy of Wesley Wright of the group.
08 Dec 2015 The additional of the relevant Belfast Newsletter reports from WW1 have commenced.
23 Sep 2015 Private Patrick Edward Territt from Benburb added, courtesy of Wesley Wright of the group.
22 Sep 2015 The following have been names added to the casualty list as a result of the recent book and memorial in Fivemiletown. Most are from the Clabby area, west of Fivemiletown. Most of these men are also listed in the recent Fermanagh War Dead book. There are more to follow.
  Bryans, Robert
Connor, William
Coulter, Robert
Kelly, Austin
McAtee, John
Moffatt, George
Morrow, George
Preston, Charles
Symington, Robert
15 Sep 2015 There are only a few reports left to be added from 1916's MId Ulster Mail, which will mean that everything has been added from both the Tyrone Courier and the Mid Ulster Mail for the year 1916.
31 Jul 2015 A substantial number of images of memorial inscriptions and grave photos have been added as a result of the Friends of the Somme (Mid Ulster Branch) group's recent trip to France and Belgium.
31 Jul 2015 Sergeant David Hugh Kerrigan, from Fivemiletown, has been added to our list of WW2 war dead.
26 Jul 2015 Proving once again that mistakes will be made, a recently discovered newspaper report regarding Hamilton Burrowes, for several erroneous reasons on the Dungannon War Dead website, reveals that he didn't die in the WWI. He died sliding down the bannister of a staircase in Johannesburg...
20 Jul 2015 The Casualty List page has been tidied up to include rank and the splitting separation according to War has been improved.
09 Jul 2015 Over 100 newspaper reports have been added since the start of April, almost all from the Mid Ulster Mail, 1916.
02 Jun 2015 2nd Lieutenant Matthew John Wright, who worked at Stevenson and son in Coalisland before WW1, has been added. A memorial to him resides in the Ulster Tower and a Masonic Lodge in Newtownards is named after him
01 Jun 2015 Lieutenant George Alexander Maginnis, World War Two casualty from Aughnacloy added, courtesy of Wesley Wright's research.
15 May 2015 The additional of the Mid Ulster Mail newspaper reports continues unabated. There are just too many updates to list individually.
27 Apr 2015 Barbara Murray, who has researched this area, has confirmed that Private A Galway of Tannaghlane is Private Andrew Gawley. There is a reference to this information coming from the War Memorial in Minterburn Church. The Presbyterian Roll of Honour incorrectly records the name as Andrew Galway. It should be Andrew Gawley. As a result we have merged A Galway with Andrew Gawley in the database. Private A Galway is therefore removed from the list.
10 Apr 2015 The Local Institutions section is in the process of been amended to include the various books which are now available.
06 Apr 2015 Ballygawley born Aircraftman Austin Cousins has added to our list, via the Ballygawley War Dead book. More information to be added later.
05 Apr 2015 Drew Robinson, from Ballygawley, started researching his book ‘Ballygawley War Dead’ in 2007. The Ballygawley area has few memorials to its war dead. The book was released in March 2015 and sold out its first run in just two weeks. A second run was ordered and the book is now available again. The book can be obtained from Drew himself and from Kirkland's shop on the main street in Ballygawley. Many of the photos and research on this website relating to the Ballygawley men have come directly from Mr Drew Robinson and we are extremely grateful for his generosity in sharing his resources.
28 Mar 2015 Dungannon born Private Robert Baxter added. Thanks to Wesley Wright who found this casualty.
25 Mar 2015 Currently adding the relevant newspaper reports from the Mid Ulster Mail. This may take a year or so. Too many to list individually so keep checking.
03 Mar 2015 A photo has been uncovered a very young Sergeant William James 'Billy' Marks.
01 Mar 2015 Confirmation that the 4th brother, Sergeant James Lynn M.M, was indeed awarded the Military Medal. Many thanks to our own Wesley Wright for undertaking the excellent research.
22 Dec 2014 More information on Regimental Sergeant Major Joy Davis has been added. As yet we have no record as to to where he is buried (in Sydney?) and to why he is NOT in the CWGC. The records included would strongly imply that he should be.
21 Dec 2014 There are almost one hundred WW2 casualties in the list. These will be researched in the fullness of time and we would greatly appreciate any and all information relating to these men and women.
08 Dec 2014 Currently adding details from the De Ruvigny's Roll Of Honour (Volumes 1 and 2). Private James Hogarth Johnston and Sergeant John Cairns been two of the more notable updates
07 Dec 2014 Thanks to Chris Holmes who recently found a photo of his great uncle in his cousin's attic. Details of Private John Stafford have now been updated.
01 Dec 2014 The information from the recently published book by Paul Kerr of the Royal School Dungannon called "From Flanders Fields to Lone Gallipoli" have now been added. 37 casualties details have been updated courtesy of the RSD.
19 Nov 2014 Thanks to Derek Gallagher who got it touch to tell us of a problem with Private William Gallagher, whom we had mixed up with another William Gallagher from the same area. His biography has now been completely rewritten. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
11 Nov 2014 The website now averaging 180 visitors per day.
11 Nov 2014 The information from the recently published book by Paul Kerr of the Royal School Dungannon called "From Flanders Fields to Lone Gallipoli" is currently being added. 37 casualties details to be updated courtesy of the RSD.
09 Nov 2014 The Local Memorials section continues to grow as more information is added.
08 Nov 2014 The recently published book "Fermanagh War Memorial Book of Honour 1914-21" includes details of some 600 casualties, some of which are also in this list. These also will referenced.
29 Oct 2014 The Local Memorials section is being expanded with much more information.
29 Oct 2014 Fuller details of Private Robert Mills have been added.
27 Oct 2014 The full story of Sergeant Richard Bell, who lived for a time in Castlecaulfield, has now being added.
22 Oct 2014 The number of Dungannon District Casualties now stands at 633. This may rise by a few more, expected to be mostly World War Two additions. As the Courier newspaper articles are now referenced up to the end of August 1918, it is not expected that many more WW1 casualties will be added to this list.
17 Oct 2014 It has been confirmed by the Lynn family that Sergeant James Lynn did receive a Military Medal for conspicuous bravery in 1914. It seems that because James returned home and then possibly re-enlisted, the two service records were NOT merged. The Friends of the Somme Mid Ulster Branch have arranged a talk on Thursday 29th January 2015 on the subject of the Lynn brothers.
14 Oct 2014 Added to a casualty's details may be a new caption "RSD Page No". This refers to a recently published book by Paul Kerr of the Royal School Dungannon called "From Flanders Fields to Lone Gallipoli". This excellent book a superb history of the RSD pupils who served in the armed forces during the First World War. It is packed with information about more than 200 former RSD pupils, including detailed biographies of the 37 men who gave their lives during the conflict and is available now from the Royal School Dungannon.
  Copies of the book are on sale at £10.00 and are available from the Reception Office. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Fields of Life charity and will contribute further to the building of the new Bethel Royal School in Uganda.
  As a direct result of the information in the book, another 8 casualties have been added to the casualty list.
  More information from the book will be incorporated into the website at a later date thanks to the permission of the author, Paul Kerr, and the Royal School Dungannon.
07 Oct 2014 More details added on Captain Hugh Hogg Beatty.
07 Oct 2014 The CWGC record Lance Corporal Thomas Williamson M.M. date of death as 21st May 1918. This is almost certainly incorrect because the Tyrone Courier of 2 May 1918 records his death. It gives date of death as exactly one month earlier as 21 April 1918. As such, the records on this website reflect this
06 Oct 2014 Private Samuel Welton has been added to the Dungannon list. He hailed from Donaghmore and lived for a time in Market Square, Dungannon.
05 Oct 2014 Now reached May 1918 with regards to the Tyrone Courier reports.
23 Sep 2014 Thanks to Frank McCaffrey, who has been in contact to confirm that the family name of his two great granduncles, Thomas McCaffrey and Joseph McCaffrey was McCaffrey.
22 Sep 2014 Many thanks to Barbara Murray, to whom the three Murray brothers were great uncles, for informing us of Charles Murray and confirming other information on the family. Private Charles Murray has now been added to the Dungannon list.
07 Aug 2014 The website now averaging 140 visitors per day.
07 Aug 2014 All nine New Zealand WW1 casualties have their attestation papers included. almost all Australia, New Zealand and Canada enlistment papers are now included.
03 Aug 2014 Many updates to the design of the website, to incorporate new and upcoming sections.
03 Aug 2014 Mr Kenny Farquar has informed us that Nurse Emily Gray is to have her own CWGC gravestone
03 Aug 2014 Thanks to Wayne Starr, of the Daily Star, who has donated images of Captain Charles Newell
03 Aug 2014 Many updates to the design of the website, to incorporate new and upcoming sections
25 July 2014 As promised, a page listing the Dungannon casualties with Wills.
23 July 2014 It hasn't been merged into the website as yet, but here is the first version of the casualty locations page. Some 475 relevant locations and townlands have been given co-ordinates and mapped to casualties.
23 July 1914 There are around 25 people who have emailed in information over the past month or so. These will be worked through and responded to individually in the next couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for your information and photos and keep it coming.
23 July 2014 Almost finished the Last Will and Testaments Section. After cross-referencing the two lists (Irish Nation Archives), there's a list of about 65 casualties who's Wills have survived.
23 June 2014 Have now reached the end of 1917 with regards to the Tyrone Courier reports. There are now more than 600 newspaper reports on the website.
11 June 2014 Many thanks to Kenny Farquhar, long time local researcher of the War Dead from the Dungannon area, who has given us details of three casualties (of which we had absolutely no information) from his tremendous archive of information. Those three casualties are Rifleman Robert Allen, Sergeant Robert George (Bertie) White and Gunner John Bradley
06 Jun 2014 The website now averaging 100 visitors per day.
06 Jun 2014 There are now 3 different Robert Andersons. All from Dungannon, all died on 1st July 1916. May take some revisions before completely correct.
06 Jun 2014 Have now reached January 1917 with regards to the Tyrone Courier reports.
05 Jun 2014 Again, many many content updates. Too numerous to list.
15 May 2014 Rifleman Frederick William Moore added. Originally from Seapatrick (like Rev Richard Ussher Greer). Worked in Menarys.
02 May 2014 Around 30 wills have now been added. They're being added in alphabetically by surname. The last will added was one of the Lynn brothers, Sergeant William Edward Lynn
02 May 2014 More newspaper reports added from the Tyrone Courier. There are now more than 500 newspaper reports on the website, digitised, typed up and cross-referenced to specific casualties. Currently up to July 1916.
02 May 2014 Still writing up information from those 120 casualties added since Christmas. Again, working alphabetically by surname. Up to the 'Mc's.
12 Apr 2014 Google have been tweaking their mapping service over the last few weeks. Maps should be back to normal now.
12 Apr 2014 Direct links to the Australian National Archives website are now working. Very useful as it usually gives 40-50 documents of an Australian soldier's military record.
27 Mar 2014 The website which holds WW1 Canadian soldiers attestation papers has changed. The reference links have been updated and should be working fine now.
24 Mar 2014 Adding lots of photos of people.
17 Mar 2014 Completed long list of additions.
25 Feb 2014 Long list of people added. Forces lists the names in the order in which they have been added. Bernard Laverty being added yesterday.
11 Feb 2014 More than 20 names added.
06 Jan 2014 Private George Hamilton of Dungannon and Australia added. More later.
  Private James Watson Hetherington of Moy. Details updated including poem.
  Private Robert Morrow V.C., Newmills. more details added including first details of Newmills memorial.
  Captain James Claude Beauchamp Proctor, son Francis J. Proctor, Moy. Details updated.
  Lieutenant Hugh Adolphus Hector Warnock, Clogher. Details added.
  Confirmation that Staff Sergeant Major Robert Sloan and Private William Sloan, Donaghmore were brothers.
  Private Robert Jeffs, Gortmerron, Dungannon. Details added.
  Private Frederick James Dunn Windsor and Dungannon. Rewritten.
  Private Lewis Meenagh, Dungannon. Details added.
  Lieutenant Ernest Magowan Harper, Dungannon. Lots of information added.
  Captain Charles Newell, Dungannon. Details added.
  Rifleman James Cassidy, Aughnacloy added.
30 Dec 2013 Major Hugh Price Travers of Moy added. More later.
  Private Charles McAnaw Kelly. The mystery of the C McAnaw on the Dungannon War Memorial has been solved by Wesley Wright with some remarkable research.
  Private Robert Morrow V.C., Newmills. more details added about his St George medal from the Czar of Russia.
29 Dec 2013 Private William Charles Anderson of Fivemiletown added. Courtesy of Wesley Wright.
  Private Robert Anderson Dungannon and latterly of Londonderry. added. There is a B Anderson on the Holdfast LOL banner. For now, we are assuming this is he. Courtesy of Wesley Wright.
  Private John Reid Aughnacloy and latterly Canada. added. There is a J Reid on the Moy War Memorial. not connected as yet.
27 Dec 2013 Private Ernest Lionel Lucas, Ballygawley added.
  Private Robert Morrow V.C., Newmills. more details added.
24 Dec 2013 Private Thomas Burton of Eglish. Information rewritten & corrected.
  Private James Lynn. Letter attached. Well worth a read!
  2nd Lieutenant Alexander McCrea. Details updated
23 Dec 2013 Private James Speer of Carnteel Aughnacloy added.
  Private Mervyn Ross Givan of Ballygawley added.
  Private Charles O'Neill of Anne Street Dungannon. Details updated
  Lance Corporal Charles Heron of Moy. Details updated
  Sergeant William Edward Lynn of Coalisland, Details updated
  Private John Whitley of Moy. Details updated
  11602 Private Patrick Donnelly. Some details updated.
  Private Joseph McIntyre of Ballysaggart, Dungannon. details updated.
  Private John James Ormsby, Dungannon. Details updated
  Lance Corporal William Andrew Fairbairn. Details updated
  Private James Watson Hetherington of Moy. Details updated.
  Private William John Telford, Milltown, Dungannon. Details updated.
  Private Francis Fitzpatrick, Donaghmore Rd, Dungannon. Details updated.
  Private Robert Marlowe Details updated
22 Dec 2013 Private Fred Gibson, Caledon. Details updated.
  Lieutenant Ernest Daniel, Newmills. Details updated.
  Private John O'Farrell, Coalisland. Details updated.
  Sergeant Harry Bennett, Castlecaulfield. Details updated.
  Lance Corporal Randal Edmund McManus, Market Square, Dungannon. Details updated.
  Private Joseph Henry of Ballysaggart, Dungannon. details updated.
  Private Robert Morrow V.C., Newmills. Details updated.
  Private William Tally Mallon, Galbally. Details updated.
23 Nov 2013 The website will be officially launched this Friday 29 November 2013 7.30pm at Ranfurly House, Dungannon
  Information added on particularly sad story of Private George Lutton, hailing from Canary near the Argory, listed on the Moy War Memorial. His mother died when he was young. George enlisted at the outbreak of war. He was invalided out in March 1918. He was returning to England for his official discharge on the RMS Leinster when the ship was sunk outside Dublin, a month before the war ended. His remains were found on the Isle of Man and he is buried there.
  Anyone requiring the full resolution photos without the watermark, should drop us an email. There is no fee.
  Cemeteries not relevant to Dungannon War Dead removed, along with the countries relevant to those cemeteries. The upshot is that all cemeteries links should now have a minimum of one casualty.
  Another WW1 casualty added, Private Joseph Cardwell from Ballynakelly, Coalisland
  More information on Private Andrew Boyd added, who lived in Ballysaggart, Dungannon.
  Detailed information on Sergeant Robert Bailey who hailed from Aughnacloy.
  Thanks to Wesley Wright, a few more Williamsons have been added. Current list of casualties named now totals around 450. We expect the final total to be in the region of 550-600.
  Detailed information on Major Robertson Stewart Smyth. Oddly not on the CWGC.
  Reached 400 casualties. A number of WW2 to be added later.
  Search should be working now. (up to "D"!)
  Names on a local memorial can now be sorted by name, place on memorial (mem ref), or date of death.
  As far as "D" in the WWI surnames with regard to creating the basic stories of the casualties. Not complete and not correct, but it's a start.
  Thanks to the Wesley Wright and Martin Brennan, there's an inordinate amount of information still to be inserted.
  Memorial photos now have now numbers to aid reference to the casualties listed below.
  Country maps will be repaired in due course. Google issue a separate identification code to each website which uses it's mapping software.
  Reached "C" in the list of WWI casualties as stories are pieced together
  As the number of local memorials listed increase, so does the number of casualties. It is estimated there will be some 700-800 casualties as the project nears completion, around 2014.
  Hugh amount of information available on Laurence Crawford Brown, mainly because his mother published her memoirs
  Started compiling the information on each casualty. WWI first.
  Some 50 WW2 casualties added. Brings total casualties added so far to 350+.