Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01-A 18140 Pte. Telford, William John York & Lancaster Regiment 1st Battalion 08/05/1915
2 01-B 2nd Lt Smith, Stanley Herd Tank Corps 2nd Battalion 27/05/1918
3 02-A Lieut Huggard, Hewitt East Yorkshire Regiment 6th Battalion 09/08/1915
4 02-B 2nd Lt Andrews, William James Morrison Royal Air Corps 04/06/1917
5 03-A 15403 Corp Loughran, Alexander Durham Light Infantry 14th Battalion 10/05/1916
6 03-B 2nd Lt Hodge, Wilfred Royal Air Force 99th Squadron 24/04/1918
7 04-A Lieut Harper, Edgar Henry South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Battalion 10/07/1916
8 04-B 286791 Pte. Montgomery, Walter Augustus Royal Air Force 2nd Air Park 23/11/1918
9 05-A 12874 Pte. Lavelle, John Highland Light Regiment 10th Battalion 25/09/1915
10 05-B 24906b Capt Bennett, William Henry David Royal Canadian Regiment 13th Battalion 15/08/1917
11 06-A 58599 R/man Hobson, William Kings Royal Rifle Corps 13/06/1919
12 06-B 19682 Pte. Arthurs, James M Royal Canadian Regiment 10th Battalion 26/04/1915
13 07-A 3261 Corp Kelly, Henry Mitchell Black Watch 1st / 6th Battalion 03/04/1916
14 07-B 531709 Pte. Campbell, Robert Thomas Canadian Army Medical Corps 11th Field Ambulance 27/10/1917
15 08-A 203309 Pte. McIntyre, Joseph Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st / 4th Battalion 19/04/1917
16 08-B 477183 Pte. Coleman, Patrick George Royal Canadian Regiment 05/08/1916
17 09-A 1134 Pte. McReynolds, Robert Highland Light Infantry 1st / 6th Battalion 14/08/1915
18 09-B 2537338 Pte. Curry, Walter Canadian Infantry 19th Battalion 10/11/1918
19 10-A 840 Sgt. Robinson, Henry (Harry) Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 7th Battalion 12/07/1915
20 10-B 404848 Pte. Hadden, George Canadian Machine Gun Corps 7th Battalion 27/06/1916
21 11-A H/6139 L/Corp Fairbairn, William Andrew 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars "B" Squadron 13/06/1915
22 11-B 454448 Pte. Johnston, Thomas John Royal Canadian Regiment 73rd Battalion 13/04/1917
23 12-A 45206 Driver Lynn, Robert Royal Field Artillery 87th Battery 06/08/1915
24 12-B 138211 Pte. Lawson, Robert George Canadian Pioneers 3rd Battalion 04/10/1916
25 13-A 75752 Gnr Rutherford, Thomas Royal Field Artillery 112th Battery 30/09/1914
26 13-B 433137 Pte. Neville, Robert Royal Canadian Regiment 49th Battalion (C Company) 01/10/1918
27 14-A 119957 Gnr Wright, George Henry Royal Field Artillery 14th Brigade 23/07/1917
28 14-B Trooper Daniel, Robert South African Infantry Kaffrarian Rifles
29 15-A 30685 Driver Gartland, Patrick Royal Field Artillery Small Arms Division, Ammunition Col 20/10/1918
30 15-B 663 Corp Burrowes, John Jack South African Horse "A" Squadron 23/12/1916
31 16-A 17201 2nd Lt McCrea, Alexander Royal Garrison Artillery 58th Siege Battery 27/06/1917
32 16-B 1562 Pte. Daly (aka Hart), James (aka Jack) Australian Infantry 57th Battalion 27/09/1917
33 17-A 5870 Bombad McKenna, John Royal Garrison Artillery 128th Heavy Battery 25/03/1918
34 17-B 4797 Pte. Gates, Thomas Australian Infantry 15th Battalion 15/10/1917
35 18-A 31042 Gnr Sands, Patrick Joseph Royal Garrison Artillery 4th Battalion 30/06/1917
36 18-B Capt Tackaberry, John Bailey Indian Medical Service 83rd Combined Stat. Hosp. 25/03/1917
37 19-A Capt Newell, Charles Royal Engineers 24/03/1918
38 19-B Maj Kelly, Henry Newton Indian Army 33rd Punjabis 25/09/1915
39 20-A 23831 Pioneer Arthur, Richard James Royal Engineers 1st Signal Company 26/09/1914
40 20-B 31968 Pte. Dunwoodie, William David Auckland Regiment 1st Battalion 23/06/1917
41 21-A 121376 Sapper Knox, John Connor Royal Engineers 16/11/1917
42 21-B 7/121 St Sgt Mjr Sloan, Robert Canterbury Regiment 21/08/1915
43 22-A 36704 Sapper Leonard, James Joseph Royal Engineers 157th Field Company 12/10/1918
44 22-B Lt Cmdr Campbell, George Richard Colin Royal Navy 10/10/1918
45 23-A 13385 Sgt. Lewis, William Henry Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 09/09/1916
46 23-B 33726 Worker Watt, Alicia Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps 9th Battalion 30/11/1918
47 24-A Capt Browne M.C., Bernard Score Royal Army Medical Corps 15/04/1918
48 24-B St Nurse Gray, Emily Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service 16/01/1919
49 25-A Capt Cummings, William Gordon Royal Army Medical Corps 18/05/1917
50 25-B Nurse Shortt, Frances Fanny Voluntary Aid Detachment 26/12/1918
51 26-A 46463 Pte. Jeffs, Robert Royal Army Medical Corps 31st Field Ambulance 29/08/1915
52 26-B Pte. McDonald, J Canadian Infantry
Town : Dungannon
Latitude : 54.50472
Lontitude : -6.768944
Date Unveiled : 11/11/1922
Dungannon War Memorial is situated in the Market Square in the centre of the shopping area of the town

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Memorial History
Dungannon War Memorial is situated in the Market Square in the centre of the shopping area of the town
The inscription on the memorial is ;-
"In Memory Of The Soldiers And Nurses Of Dungannon Who Gave Their Lives For Freedom And Humanity In The Great War 1914 � 1918
The memorial, which has been erected at a cost of �1,700, is the work of Mr. F.W. Pomeroy, R.A., London.
It consists of a bronze figure, a soldier representing Victory, standing about 8 feet 6 inches, in height, which is mounted on a large pedestal of Stancliffe stone, on which are four bronze panels containing some 200 names of the fallen of Dungannon, almost 100 of those being men of the Royal Inniskillings Fusiliers.
The total height of the monument is 18 feet 6 inches (approx 6m), and weights about 30 tons. It was unveiled by the Countess of Ranfurly.
During his speech Brigadier-General Ricardo said, �Let the comradeship of the trenches, where no division of creed or class was known, be with them to the end. The memorial should remind them of their duty toex-Service men, especially the scarred and maimed in mind or body, many of whom to-day were unemployed. The men whom they honoured were all volunteers. No compulsion was needed to urge them. They lived and died free men.�
Dr. F. C. Mann, chairman of the Dungannon War Memorial Committee, read out the list of the fallen of Dungannon and district, whose names were inscribed on the memorial.
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