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29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Lieutenant Lee Tolerton, 6th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, who was previously reported wounded, is now reported killed at the Dardanelles. Lieutenant Tolerton was appointed to the rank of Lieutenant on February 1st, 1915. He was the younger son of the late Mrs Tolerton, Secretary to the Philanthropic Reform Association, Dublin.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton From the Limerick Chronicle dated September, 1915:
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Samuel's uncle, Richard Allen, was a famed Dublin philanthropist, abolitionist and orthodox Quaker, who raised �20,000 to help the Irish famine by writing letters to America. His business was in textiles but his interests lay in reform, temperance and the abolition of slavery. In 1837, Allen was one of three founding members and secretary of the Hibernian Antislavery Association. Samuel's mother was Secretary of the Philanthropic Reform Association.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Sir Robert enjoyed a distinguished career, holding many important positions in various government ministries in the UK government. He was knighted in 1947.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Capt. Robert Hill Tolerton was also recommended for a Medal. The London Gazette, dated 14 August 1917 (Issue number: 30234 Page number: 8385) 'for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Although wounded, he showed great courage in leading his battalion in an attack. After the final objective had been reached he was foremost in arranging all details of consolidation and defence, setting a splendid example of energy and agility to all ranks.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Robert H Tolerton was Minister of Transport and undersecretary of State and applied for the deceased officer's medals on 28th February 1922. His brother also saw active service with the London Regiment and eventually became Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Robert Tolerton CB CBE DSO MC
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Lieutenant Samuel Lee Tolerton is listed on Trinity Collage War Memorial and on the Solicitor�s Memorial in Dublin Four Courts.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton 2nd Lieutenant Lee Tolerton has no known grave and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial at Gallipoli in Turkey.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton 2nd Lieutenant Lee Tolerton was serving with the 6th Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers when he was killed in action on Sunday 15th August 1915 at Gallipoli in the attack along Kiretch Tepe Sirt.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton On the 1st Feb 1915 Lee Tolerton was promoted to Lieutenant.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Lee Tolerton enlisted shortly after the outbreak of war (tbc).
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton The 1911 census lists Lee as 19 years old, an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin. He is listed on the Solicitors Memorial in Dublin, so it can be assumed he was studying law. Both he and his brother were living at house 203 in Brunswick Street, Trinity Ward, Dublin. Robert was also an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Samuel Lee attended the High School at Harcourt Street, Dublin, between 1908 and 1909.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton The 1901 census lists Lee as 9 years old, the youngest pupil at Newtown Boarding School, Waterford. Lee's older brother, Robert Hall Tolerton, is also listed at the same school.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Family: Samuel Tolerton (died 4th October 1891), Letitia Tolerton, Robert Hill Tolerton (born 19th April 1887), Samuel Lee Tolerton (born 19th October 1891).
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Samuel Lee Tolerton was born on 19th January 1891, in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. It seems his father died in Dungannon two weeks before he was born on 4th October 1891, aged 34.
29/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton Samuel Tolerton was the son of Samuel and Letitia Tollerton. Samuel Tollerton married Letitia McKeeman on 23rd April 1886 in Belfast (PRONI Ref. M/1886/B1/474/3/28)
28/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton The death in action is reported from the Dardanelles of Lieutenant Lee Tolerton, 6th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers. the deceased was the younger son of the late Mrs Tolerton, who sometimes visited Belfast in her capacity as secretary of the Philanthropic Reform Association. He was one of the officers who joined the army after the outbreak of war, his commission as lieutenant being dated 1st February 1915.
28/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton 01513
28/08/2016 Lieut Lee Tolerton From the Belfast Newsletter dated 13th September 1915: Irish Fusilier Officer Killed
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher (To be confirmed as THIS Private T Gallagher, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher Mytilene is the capital and port of the Greek island of Lesbos.
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher 'We sailed from Mytilene and on 6th August were put on a smaller boat and set off. At daybreak on the following morning we came to our landing place. The naval guns kept up a terrific bombardment and we launched at about 6 o'clock a.m. The Turks sent the shells thick and heavy about us as we advanced all day through an open plain. In the evening we got under rifle fire from a small hill where the Turks were entrenched. Our naval guns gave the hill 'socks' and so did our artillery. Anyhow, we got to the bottom of the hill after crossing a plain where shells and bullets fell around us like a shower of hail. We made a bayonet charge up the hill, but the Turks did not wait till we got to their trenches. They bolted off, so we hold the hill, which is now known as 'Inniskilling Hill'. The regulars are with us now, and our 1st battalion is here. Other larger hills were captured, and now we have a good footing, which we mean to retain, and get as much more as we can. The trenches are fine, just as good as a house. The enemy are very quiet now, except for a few snipers, and an odd shell going over our heads. The heat and flies are the only things that trouble us much here.'
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher Private T Gallagher, 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, writing to his friends at Moygashel, Dungannon, says:-
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher 01512
28/08/2016 Pte. Thomas Gallagher From the Belfast Newsletter dated 13th September 1915: The Capture of Inniskilling Hill � Dungannon Man's Interesting letter
28/08/2016 Capt William Tillie Dickson Lieutenant William T Dickson, 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers has returned home to Dungannon, invalided owing to an attack of illness contracted at the Gallipoli Peninsula. He took part in the famous landing at Suvla Bay and in the subsequent fighting, but on the fourth day he developed symptoms of illness , and was removed on board ship and sent to England. Lieutenant W T Dickson, who is the eldest son of Mr James Dickson, J.P., Milltown House, Dungannon, and grandson of the late Right Honourable T A Dickson, commanded C Company of the Dungannon U.V.F., and was one of the first members of that battalion to volunteer for active service at the outbreak of the war. He enlisted as a private in the 6th Inniskilling Fusiliers, and afterwards received a commission.
28/08/2016 Capt William Tillie Dickson 01511
28/08/2016 Capt William Tillie Dickson From the Belfast Newsletter dated 13th September 1915: Home from the Dardanelles
16/08/2016 Reg SM Joy Davis The CWGC have added this to their website:- Recent research has shown that Private Davis is buried here; arrangements are being made to mark his grave.
13/08/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor Lieutenant G Norman Proctor who is with Kashmir Rifles at present in German East Africa with the Indian Expeditionary Force, has been promoted Captain and appointed special officer to the Kashmir Imperial troops. Captain Proctor, whose two brothers are also serving with the colours, is a son of the late Mr James E Proctor, Limavady and of Mrs Proctor, Tullydoey, Moy, County Tyrone. He was lately granted three weeks' rest after six months' hard campaigning.
13/08/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor 01510
13/08/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor From the Belfast Newsletter dated 10th September 1915: Lieut. G N Proctor (brother of J C B Proctor)
10/08/2016 2nd Lt John Ernest Johnston John was educated at Lurgan College.
10/08/2016 2nd Lt John Ernest Johnston 'I am told by those who were with him that he died a glorious death, leading his men in a successful assault on the enemy's tranches when all the officers of his company were either killed or wounded.'
10/08/2016 2nd Lt John Ernest Johnston Lieutenant J E Johnston, South Staffordshire Regiment, previously reported missing, is now unofficially reported killed. He was the eldest son of Mr David Johnston, J.P., Grace Hall, Lurgan, who has two other sons in the army. The deceased was educated at Lurgan College and Queens University. In a letter which has been received by Lieutenant Johnston's father, the writer says:-
10/08/2016 2nd Lt John Ernest Johnston 01509
10/08/2016 2nd Lt John Ernest Johnston From the Belfast Newsletter dated 28th July 1916: Roll of Honour - Officers
08/08/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn Fred was one of the pioneer members of the Dungannon Workers Union, No 1 Branch.
08/08/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn Corporal Fred J Dunne, The Park, Dungannon, who was killed in action with the Royal Irish Regiment in the Gallipoli Peninsula, was one of the pioneer members of the Dungannon Workers Union, No 1 Branch. At a meeting of the branch on Tuesday evening, Mr Eugene McGurk presiding, a resolution of sympathy with the deceased soldier's widow and family was adopted.
08/08/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn 01508
08/08/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn From the Belfast Newsletter dated 9th September 1915:
08/08/2016 R/man James Cassidy Rifleman James Cassidy has no known grave and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial at Gallipoli.
08/08/2016 R/man James Cassidy Rifleman James Cassidy, 6th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, killed in action at the Dardanelles, was a son of Mrs Cassidy, 12 Hartwell Street, Belfast and the late Mr Thomas Cassidy of Branney, Aughnacloy.
08/08/2016 R/man James Cassidy 01507
08/08/2016 R/man James Cassidy From the Belfast Newsletter dated 7th September 1915:
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