Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch  
Date Name Information
25/07/2016 R/man Thomas McMinn Thomas McMinn enlisted at Trentham Military Camp, near Wellington in New Zealand on 15th October 1915. He was 30 years old.
09/07/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn Lieutenant T E N Byrne, 5th Battalion Royal Irish Regiment (Pioneers), has written Mrs Dunn, The Park, Dungannon, informing her that her husband, Corporal Frederick J Dunn, of that battalion, has been killed in action at Gallipoli, and stating that he had been killed instantaneously. He had carried on his work cheerily to the last, and had behaved as all would have wished him to do. Corporal Dunn, who leaves behind a widow and several small children, had been estate carpenter to the Earl of Ranfurly for over three years. He had been a section leader in the Dungannon Battalion U.V.F, and had volunteered with the Dungannon contingent on 26th August 1914, which joined the 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He afterwards transferred to his present regiment. He had had four years' service in the 1st (Volunteer) Battalion Royal Berks Regiment in England, of which country he was a native.
09/07/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn 01506
09/07/2016 Pte. Frederick James Dunn From the Belfast Newsletter dated 2nd September 1915:
09/07/2016 2nd Lt William Porter Mr R W Bingham, B.A., headmaster Dungannon Royal School, has received official intimation that his brother-in-law, Second Lieutenant William Porter, 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, has been wounded in action at the Gallipoli Peninsula. The date and nature of the wounds are not stated. The casualty has however, taken place since 9th August. Lieutenant Porter, who is a younger son of Mr William Porter, Beechview, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast, was formerly in business in Winnipeg. He came to Dungannon on a visit almost two years ago, when the Ulster Volunteer Force was in full swing, and at once threw himself into the movement. He was exceedingly popular, and was soon appointed half-company officer of A Company Dungannon Battalion, of which his brother-in-law, Mr Bingham, was a company commander. On the outbreak of war he volunteered with a Dungannon contingent of U.V.F. men and enlisted as a private in the 6th Battalion Inniskilling Fusiliers, subsequently being granted a commission.
09/07/2016 2nd Lt William Porter 01505
09/07/2016 2nd Lt William Porter From the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st September 1915: Lieutenant William Porter
09/07/2016 Capt William Thomas Lyons Lieutenant W T Lyons, who prior to the war was in business in Belfast, has been promoted captain in the 10th (Service) Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
09/07/2016 Capt William Thomas Lyons 01504
09/07/2016 Capt William Thomas Lyons From the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st September 1915:
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Lieutenant Hewitt Huggard was serving with the 6th Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment when he was reported wounded and missing during an attack on Tekke Tepe Ridge, at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, on 9th August 1915. He was later confirmed dead. He was 26 years old.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard The CWGC record Lieutenant Hewitt Huggard as the son of Richard and Frances Marion Huggard, of John's Vicarage, Barnsley. B.A. (Oxon.).
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Lieutenant Hewitt Huggard is also listed on the Roll of Honour in the East Yorkshire Regimental Chapel, Beverley Minster, Yorkshire.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Lieutenant Hewitt Huggard has no known grave and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard He enlisted in August 1914, and served in Egypt before being sent to Gallipoli.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard He and his younger brother Lewis (who was also killed in the war) both played for Barnsley Rugby Club.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Hewitt took a second-class degree in History at Merton College, Oxford in 1911. Hewitt graduated with a B.A.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Hewitt was educated at Bromsgrove School.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard His father Rev. Richard Huggard MBE MA was secretary of Barnsley Rugby Club. He also refereed a match between England and Ireland in 1903.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard They are not listed on the 1901 census so it is presumed that the family had moved to St John's Vicarage, Barnsley by then.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Lieutenant Hewitt Huggard, 6th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, who is reported as missing at the Dardanelles, is the eldest son of Captain the Rev. Richard Huggard, M.A., vicar of Barnsley, and formerly curate of St Anne's Parish Church, Dungannon, of which town he is a native. Mr Huggard was at one time curate in Tuam, and St Michael's, Galway, and on leaving Dungannon accepted a living in Yorkshire. He was one of the most enthusiastic rugby officials in Ulster, and was president of the Northern Branch of the Union in 1897-98 being subsequently being appointed a vice-president of the Yorkshire Union. Mr Huggard has heartily thrown himself into the work of recruiting in Barnsley, upwards of 2,700 men have passed through his hands for the York and Lancaster Regiment, in the 14th Service Battalion of which he holds a commission as captain, and his second son, Mr L D R Huggard, is a second lieutenant in the 13th Battalion. The engagement in which Lieutenant H Huggard was reported missing was a severe one, two of his brother officers being killed, two wounded and five reported wounded.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard 01503
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard From the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st September 1915: Lieutenant H Huggard Missing
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter Rifleman William Cotter has no known grave and is commemorated on the Menin Gate in Ypres.
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter William was one of three brothers serving in the war.
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter Rifleman Cotter was wounded early on the morning of the 16th, but refused to go to the dressing station, and later on in the day a shell exploded close to his trench which caused it to fall in and Rifleman Cotter was buried in the debris.
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter William Cotter was employed by Belfast tramways.
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter A letter received from his captain in the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, states that Rifleman William Cotter, who was previously reported missing, was killed in action on 15th June. The captain goes on to say that Rifleman Cotter was wounded early on the morning of the 16th, but refused to go to the dressing station, and later on in the day a shell exploded close to the trench, which caused it to fall in, and Cotter was buried in the debris. The deceased, who was one of three brothers serving with the colours, was a reservist, employed by Belfast tramways. His sister, Mrs Hunter, resides at 7 Copperfield Street, Belfast.
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter 01501
08/07/2016 R/man William Cotter From the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st September 1915:
08/07/2016 Capt Thomas Uchter Caulfeild Knox (Northland) 01502
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Known family: Richard Huggard, Frances Marion Huggard, Hewitt Huggard (born 5th August 1889, Tuam), Irene Huggard (born 2nd October 1891, Dungannon), Anna Huggard (Born 10th January 1893, Dungannon), Lewis Dudley Richard Huggard (born 20th May 1894, Dungannon), Donagh Huggard (born 20th August 1895, Dungannon).
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard The family then moved to Dublin and then back to Dungannon. Rev Huggard was the curate of St Anne's Parish Church, Dungannon.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Hewitt Huggard was born on 5th August 1889 in Tuam, County Galway.
08/07/2016 Lieut Hewitt Huggard Hewitt Huggard was the eldest son of the Rev. Richard Huggard and Frances Marion Huggard (nee Lloyd). Rev. Huggard was born in Dungannon.
07/07/2016 Pte. Robert Hamilton 01500
07/07/2016 Pte. George Hamilton 01499
07/07/2016 Pte. George Hadden 01498
07/07/2016 Pte. George Hadden George Hadden is also commemorated on the family plot headstone.
07/07/2016 Pte. George Hadden 01497
07/07/2016 Pte. George Hadden 01496
07/07/2016 Lieut Donald Alister Greer 01495
07/07/2016 Lieut Donald Alister Greer 01494
07/07/2016 Lead Airc Thomas Alexander Dixon 01493
07/07/2016 R/man Frederick William Moore 01492
07/07/2016 Farrier Francis Carbery 01491
07/07/2016 Sgt. John Cairns 01490
07/07/2016 2nd Lt William James Morrison Andrews 01489
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison After the death of his father the remainder of the family moved into Norwich, close to St Augustine's gates where, in 1901, Frederick junior, age 16, was a timber merchant's clerk.
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison The 1891 English census records that the Allison family were resident in Church Street in 1891, where his father's profession was recorded as a butler (no doubt at Catton Hall).
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison Frederick is also commemorated on the family headstone in Catton Park, England 'Also in memory of Frederick Miles the youngest son of the above who was killed in action in France April 1918'.
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison Private Ellison is also commemorated on the Castlecaulfield Church Of Ireland WWI Roll of Honour.
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison 01488
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison 01487
07/07/2016 Sgt. William Edward Lynn 01486
07/07/2016 Driver Robert Lynn 01485
07/07/2016 Pte. John Lynn 01484
07/07/2016 Sgt. James Lynn M.M. 01483
07/07/2016 Pte. Frederick Miles Allison Frederick Miles Allison was born in Old Catton, Norfolk, England on 24th October 1884.
05/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper The late Lieutenant Harper was a well-known Queensman, and had just been appointed a demonstrator in chemistry in Belfast University when war broke out. He relinquished his position to take up a commission in the Munster Fusiliers.
05/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper 'Every officer in our company is wounded, every officer in C Company is killed, and one of them, Harper, should have got the Victoria Cross if he had pulled through. On Saturday he succeeded in collecting 100 men of his company who had got within 200 yards of the enemy and extricated them from a fearful position after lying out in the open for 24 hours. On his way back with this lot, he picked up any amount of wounded and spent two hours looking for me because he heard I had been bowled over (wrongly of course because I wasn't hit till Monday). On Monday he was hit on the head but insisted on going on with the attack and continued leading his men until he was killed by another bullet in the head.'
05/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper Lieutenant F G Fitzmaurice, 7th Royal Munster Fusiliers, who was wounded at the Dardanelles on 9th August, and is now in hospital in Osborne, Isle of Wight, in a letter written to his mother, Mrs Fitzmaurice, the National Bank, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, pays the following tribute to the late Lieutenant E M Harper :-
05/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper 01482
05/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper From the Belfast Newsletter dated 28th August 1915: 'Should have got the V.C.' - Tribute to the Late Lieutenant Harper
04/07/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor Information has been received that Mr Edwin Vere Proctor, 21st Brigade, 6th Infantry Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces, youngest son of the late Mr James E Proctor, solicitor, Limavady, and Mrs Proctor, Tullydoey, Moy, has been wounded, but is now convalescent. He was in Egypt, and volunteered for special service of a hazardous nature with the signals in the Dardanelles. On the third day he was struck by shrapnel, a fragment wounding him in the right shoulder, and another ripping the sheath of his bayonet. Mr E V Proctor's two brothers are also in the army:- Lieutenant G Norman Proctor, Kashmir Rifles, serving in German East Africa, and Captain J C B Proctor LL.D., M.A., B.L. 10th (Service) Inniskillings, at Seaford. Miss E Proctor, who volunteered for nursing service, is at North Evington Military Hospital, Leicester.
04/07/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor 01481
04/07/2016 Capt James Claude Beauchamp Proctor From the Belfast Newsletter dated 25th August 1915: Mr Edwin Vere Proctor (brother of J C B Proctor)
01/07/2016 Pte. John Reid The Canadian Contingent Office has notified Mrs Reid, Aughnacloy, that her son, Private John Reid (No 23075), No. 1 Canadian Veterinary Hospital, has died of cerebral haemorrhage while on duty in France. Private Reid, who was a native of Aughnacloy, volunteered in Vancouver last year.
01/07/2016 Pte. John Reid 01480
01/07/2016 Pte. John Reid From the Belfast Newsletter dated 18th August 1915:
01/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper In Second Dungannon Presbyterian Church on Sunday, at the conclusion of the sermon, Rev John Watson, B.A., made an appropriate reference to the death of Lieutenant Ernest M Harper, 7th Battalion Muster Fusiliers, who was killed at the Dardanelles on 9th August. He said that it was fitting that in the name of the congregation he should tender to Mr Harper and his family their sincere sympathy with them in their bereavement. Lieutenant Harper was a very distinguished student, and would no doubt have risen soon to a high position in the world of learning and science. When however, the call of King and country came to him, he gave up all those bright prospects, not counting such things dear unto him, and now he has given up his life and had made the supreme sacrifice in that they believed to be a sacred cause the cause of righteousness and freedom. To Lieutenant Harper and men like him the nation was greatly indebted for their self-sacrificing love, and they prayed that their friends may be comforted by the thought that such sacrifices would not be made in vain.
01/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper 01479
01/07/2016 Lieut Ernest Magowan Harper From the Belfast Newsletter dated 17th August 1915: The Late Lieutenant E M Harper:
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