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Date Information
19/08/2021 Alexander Maye enlisted on 10th February 1919.
19/08/2021 His remains were brought home and Private Maye is buried in Mountjoy Roman Catholic Churchyard. He is buried in the family plot. He is not named, nor is there a CWGC gravestone.
19/08/2021 Private Alexander Maye was serving with the Reserve Cavalry Regiment when he died of influenza / pneumonia at the Curragh Camp Military Hospital at Naas, County Kildare on 21st March 1919.
19/08/2021 The 1911 census records that the family now lived at Clintycracken, Mountjoy, Tyrone. Alexander was 14 years old and still at school. Alexander’s father had died.
19/08/2021 The 1901 census shows 3 year old Alexander May living with the family at 3 in Drumhubbert, Ballyclog, County Tyrone. His father John was an agricultural labourer.
19/08/2021 Known family: John Maye, Alice Maye, Annie Kate Maye (born 25th December 1880), Mary Maye (born 29th November 1883), James Maye (born 15th February 1886), Sarah Maye (born 30th October 1887), John Maye (born 6th May 1889), Alice Maye (born 20th March 1891), Margaret Maye (born 12th January 1894), Ellen Maye (born 21st January 1896), Alexander Maye (born 16th May 1897), Patrick Maye (born 13th April 1899), Peter Maye (born 8th March 1901), Joseph Maye (born 27th December 1904).
19/08/2021 Alexander Maye was born on 16th May 1897. He was one of at least twelve children, all born in the in the Brockagh – Stewartstown area.
19/08/2021 The family name was initially spelt May. However, by 1911, the spelling had changed to Maye. Because ‘Maye’ is on the headstone, this spelling has been chosen.
19/08/2021 Alexander Maye was the son of John and Alice May. John May and Alice Morgan were married on 31st October 1879 in the district of Cookstown.
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