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10/02/2020 Captain Hubert Greeves is commemorated locally on Moy War Memorial and on the Queen's University War Memorial.
10/02/2020 Captain Hubert Gough Greeves has no known grave and is commemorated on Panel 12 of the Cassino Memorial in Italy.
10/02/2020 Part of the invasion of Sicily in July 1943 involved landing six medical gliders on the island. Of the six medical gliders which set out, only one landed on the island. It is thought that Captain Greevesí glider was one of those lost. It was reported that Captain Greeves and 15 men of ther ranks were missing.
10/02/2020 Captain Hubert Gough Greeves was serving with the 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, part of the Royal Army Medical Corps, when he was killed in action in Sicily on 10th July 1943.
10/02/2020 Hubert married Rosaline Burke, the daughter of Raymond Augustus Burke, on 18th October 1942.
10/02/2020 He graduated from Queen's University in 1938 with a Bachelor of Art of Obstetrics (B.A.O.).
10/02/2020 Hubert graduated initially from Queen's University with a Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.). He then graduated from Queen's University, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland, with a Bachelor of Surgery (B.Ch.).
10/02/2020 Hubert was educated at Dungannon Royal School.
10/02/2020 Known family: Robert Douglas Greeves, Sarah Louisa Greeves, William Hobson Clague Greeves (born 29 Jun 1906), Frederick Douglas Greeves (born 14 Jul 1907), Thomas Noel Greeves (born 20 Oct 1908), John Ernest Greeves (born 9 Oct 1910), Hubert Gough Greeves (born 19 June 1914), Margaret Edith Greeves (born 6 Jun 1916).
10/02/2020 Hubert Gough Greeves was born on 19th June 1914 in County Tyrone. He was the second youngest of six children. The family lived at Grange, near Moy.
10/02/2020 Robert Douglas Greeves was Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.
10/02/2020 Hubert Gough Greeves was the youngest son of Robert Douglas and Sarah Louisa Greeves. Robert D Greeves and Sarah Louisa Hobson were married on 23rd August 1905 in the district of Dungannon.
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