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24/03/2020 On 12th June 1943 at 1.40am, a Halifax V of the 76 Squadron (Serial Number DK170) was shot down about four kilometres south of Bladel. Bladel is a small town in southern Holland, only three kilometres from the Belgian border.
24/03/2020 Sergeant Wilson was commanding his crew on his very first operation in Halifax DK170.
17/06/2016 Two further highlights of its war record were its participation in a series of three attacks on the Tirpitz in the Trondheim area in March and April 1942, and in the heavy raid on Peenemunde in August 1943.
17/06/2016 Andrew James Normandale Wilson was the son of Harry Pringle Wilson and Ruby Wilson. Andrew was born about 1921.
17/06/2016 76 Squadron R.A.F was formed in September 1916 at Ripon, Yorkshire as a Home Defence unit and was disbanded June 1919.
17/06/2016 It was re-formed in April 1937 at Finningley, Yorkshire - equipped with Wellesleys. It was re-equipped with Hampdens and Ansons by the outbreak of WWII and assumed the role as a training unit (Group No. 5).
17/06/2016 In May 1941 it reformed in Yorkshire as a Halifax heavy bomber squadron. Targets included industrial centres, railways, channel ports, gun batteries, etc. The squadron made history on April 10 1942 by dropping the first 8000 lb High Capacity bomb in a raid on Essen.
17/06/2016 In addition to operating in Europe, 76 Squadron, or more accurately, a detachment from it, operated in the Middle East for a while in 1942 and then merged with a detachment from No. 10 Squadron to become No. 462 Squadron.
17/06/2016 The bomber was shot down by a German fighter of II / NJG1. The pilot was Sergeant Andrew James Normandale Wilson who, with five other crew members, was killed. There was one survivor, the navigator, Sergeant Y E S Lobban.
17/06/2016 Sergeant Pilot Andrew James Normandale Wilson is buried in Eindhoven Woensel General Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, a few kilometres east of Bladel.
17/06/2016 The CWGC record Son of Harry Pringle Wilson and Ruby Wilson, of Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland
17/06/2016 In September 1939 it transferred to Upper Heyford and absorbed into No. 16 OTU.
30/12/2015 World War 1939-1945. The chancel of this church was erected by the members of the congregation to the glory of God and in memory of Sgt. Pilot Andrew James Normandale Wilson R.A.F. Killed in Action 12th June 1943 and in appreciation of those members of the congregation who also served.
30/12/2015 Sergeant Pilot Andrew James Normandale Wilson is also commemorated on a plaque in the chancel of Castlecaulfield Presbyterian Church, Dungannon
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