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17/03/2020 The CWGC record Private Thomas Seawright as the son of Thomas G and Louise D Seawright of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
17/03/2020 Private Thomas Seawright is commemorated locally on Dungannon War Memorial and on Newmills Parish Church WW2 Roll of Honour tablet.
17/03/2020 Private Thomas Seawright is buried in Sfax War Cemetery in Tunisia.
17/03/2020 Although the attack by 154 Brigade on the northern end failed to take it, again the Germans decided to withdraw. The battalion was then sent forward to harass the retreating enemy and after some skirmishing entered the town of Sfax on the morning of 9th April. This was the battalion’s last action in North Africa.
17/03/2020 On 5th April, the 5th Battalion captured and held some high ground overlooking the next physical obstacle on the road to Mareth, Wadi Zigzaou, which the 50th Division were to attack. This attack failed, but the enemy later withdrew. The next physical obstacle on the route to Tunis, some 15 miles ahead, was Wadi Akarit, between the coast and Roumana Ridge. The battalion was put in to help 152 Brigade and successfully took the southern end of this ridge on 6th April.
17/03/2020 Private Thomas Seawright was serving with the 5th Battalion of the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders when he died in Tunisia on 7th April 1943, age 21.
17/03/2020 Thomas Seawright initially enlisted with the Royal Ulster Rifles.
17/03/2020 Known family: Thomas George Seawright, Louise D Seawright, William Seawright (born 25th January 1920, Stewartstown), Thomas Seawright (born 24th May 1922).
17/03/2020 Thomas Seawright was born on 24th May 1922, probably in the Stewartstown – Newmills area.
17/03/2020 Thomas George Seawright and Sarah Latimer were married on 19th February 1919 in the district of Cookstown.
17/03/2020 According to the CWGC, his mother was Louise D Seawright. However, most information suggests that his mother was called Sarah.
17/03/2020 It is believed Thomas George served in World War One. There is a Thomas Seawright listed on the Newmills Church of Ireland WW1 Roll of Honour of those who served.
17/03/2020 Thomas Seawright was the son of Thomas George Seawright.
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