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03/02/2020 The CWGC record Private James Fenwick as the husband of Cassie Fenwick of Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
03/02/2020 Private James Fenwick is commemorated locally on Dungannon War Memorial.
03/02/2020 The Brookwood Memorial commemorates 3,500 men and women of the land forces of the Commonwealth who died during the Second World War and have no known grave, the circumstances of their death being such that they could not appropriately be commemorated on any of the campaign memorials in the various theatres of war. They died in the campaign in Norway in 1940, or in the various raids on enemy occupied territory in Europe such as Dieppe and St Nazaire. Others were special agents who died as prisoners or while working with Allied underground movements. Some died at sea, in hospital ships and troop transports, in waters not associated with the major campaigns, and a few were killed in flying accidents or in aerial combat.
03/02/2020 Private James Fenwick has no known grave. He is commemorated on the Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial, located thirty miles from London.
03/02/2020 Private James Fenwick died between 27th July 1942 and 4th August 1942, circumstances and location unknown. It would have been his 50th birthday on 5th August.
03/02/2020 Private James Fenwick served with the Pioneer Corps in World War Two.
03/02/2020 The 1911 census lists James as age 19, working as a farm labourer at house 3 in Tullyvar, County Tyrone. He was working for George Watson, a farmer and assistant county surveyor.
03/02/2020 The 1901 census lists James and his sister Mary, living with their maternal grandparents, the Horners, at house 20 in Rehaghy, Ballymagran, County Tyrone. Their mother is not listed.
03/02/2020 His father, William Fenwick, died on 1st January 1896 in the district of Dungannon. He was 40 years old.
03/02/2020 Known family: William Fenwick, Mary Fenwick, Mary Fenwick (born 9th December 1889), James Fenwick (born 5th August 1892).
03/02/2020 James Fenwick was born 5th August 1892 in the Caledon and Ballymagran area.
02/02/2020 It is believed James Fenwick was the son of William and Mary Fenwick. William Fenwick and Mary Horner were married on 17th January 1889 in the district of Dungannon.
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