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20/02/2021 Private Patrick Donnelly is buried in Puchevillers British Cemetery in the Somme region. His inscription reads: REQUIEM AETERNAM DONA EI DOMINE ET LUX PERPETUA LUCEAT EI – which loosely translates to - Grant eternal rest onto him and let perpetual light shine on him.
20/02/2021 Patrick Donnelly was the son of Michael and Rose Ann Donnelly. He was born about 1893 in Dungannon, County Tyrone.
20/02/2021 After four months training he was despatched to France. He arrived in France on 29th June 1915.
20/02/2021 Private Patrick Donnelly was serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers when he was shot. He was acting as an orderly for an officer at the time. He was sent to deliver a message and was shot through the thigh. His wound was bandaged and he was taken away on a stretcher.
20/02/2021 In his will, he left all to his mother, Mrs Michael Donnelly, who was living at 18 Greendykes Road, Broxburn.
20/02/2021 Private Patrick Donnelly is commemorated locally on Dungannon War Memorial.
20/02/2021 The CWGC record Private Patrick Donnelly as the son of Michael Donnelly and probably Rose Ann. There is some ambiguity to this as is it poorly written. They lived at 18 Greendykes Road, Broxburn, West Lothian. He is also recorded as being a native of County Tyrone.
20/02/2021 The family later moved to Scotland.
20/02/2021 From the West Lothian Courier dated 28th July 1916: Broxburn Men Killed and Wounded
20/02/2021 Mr Donnelly Greendykes Road Broxburn has received a letter from a Chaplain that his son Pte Patrick Donnelly Inniskilling Fusiliers has died as the result of wounds. No other particulars however are yet to hand.
20/02/2021 From the West Lothian Courier dated 8th September 1916:
20/02/2021 Above is a photo of Pt Patrick Donnelly who has died of wounds received in action in France on July 13th. Mr Donnelly has been in receipt of several letter of condolences one of these being from his officer in the following terms: - He was my servant since I came out here about two months ago, and if he was as good a son as he was a servant to me, I could not wish you to have a better.” Referring to how Donnelly was wounded, the officer writes, “He was my orderly while in the trenches and one afternoon he was lying down in the trench, I had to send him on a message to my Company Commander. I went along to him, gave him the note and went back to where I had been. There was a Sgt in front of me and he suddenly called out, “Are you hit?” and I looked round to see Donnelly on the ground. I went to him immediately and found he had a bullet through the fleshy part of the thigh. His wound was bandaged, and he was taken down in a stretcher. Writing on 19th July, the Priest states that Donnelly died on Saturday 15th at 6 o’ clock in the morning from wounds received in his leg. Pte Donnelly who was in his 24th year, joined the Royal Inniskillings in January 1915, and after four months training he was despatched to France. His parents reside in Greendykes Road.
20/02/2021 Private Patrick Donnelly is also commemorated on the War Memorial Plaque in SS John Cantius and Nicholas Catholic Church in Broxburn.
20/02/2021 Private Patrick Donnelly died of his wounds in France at 6 o’clock on the morning of the 15th July 1916.
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30/12/2015 Patrick was living in Broxburn, West Lothian when he enlisted in nearby Uphall. He joined the Royal Inniskillings in January 1915,
30/12/2015 In the event of my death, I give the whole of my effects and property to my mother, Mrs Michael Donnelly, 18 Greendykes Road., Broxburn, Linlithgowshire.
30/12/2015 Last Will and Testament of Private Patrick Donnelly dated 19th June 1916:
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