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17/11/2019 It seems they emigrated to the United States. No record of their marriage or the births of the children can be found of GRONI, so these may have taken place in America.
17/11/2019 William J Allen was the eldest son of James and Susanna Allen. James Allen and Susanna Cranston were married on 24th December 1886 in the district of Craigavon.
17/11/2019 William James Allen was born on 19th June 1887. He was the eldest of eleven children, all born in Portadown.
17/11/2019 The 1901 census lists William James as age 13, living with the family at house 13 in Florence Court, Portadown. He was still at school. His father was a power loom tenter.
17/11/2019 Family: James Allen, Susanna Allen, William James Allen (born 19th June 1887), Susan Allen (born 25th October 1888), Margaret Allen (born 30th April 1890), Jemima Allen (born 28th June 1892), Mary Ann Allen (born 4th January 1894), Joseph Allen (born 21st February 1896), Arthur Allen (born 8th March 1899), Charlotte Allen (born 24th May 1901), Elizabeth Allen (born 8th February 1903), Georgina Allen (born 20th June 1904), Florence Allen (born 25th February 1906).
17/11/2019 William James Allen married Sarah Liggett. Sarah’s father was Joseph Liggett of Portadown.
17/11/2019 Family: William James Allen, Sarah Allen, Ernest Allen (born about 1911), William James Allen (born about 1912), John Allen (born about 1915).
17/11/2019 William James came back from the U.S.A. to enlist in Portadown. He joined the 9th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.
17/11/2019 Private William James Allen was serving with B Company, with the 9th Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers when he was killed in action on the first day of the Battle of the Somme on Saturday 1st July 1916.
17/11/2019 On the 27th August 1919 Sarah Allen arrived back in New York, a widow with her three children. Ernest Allen (aged 8), William James Allen (aged 7) and John Allen (aged 4). The ship was the Carmania.
17/11/2019 The CWGC records Private William James Allen as the son of James and Susanna Allen of 40 Bridge Street, Portadown. He is also recoded as the husband of the late Sarah Allen.
17/11/2019 At this point no connection has been found to Moy.
17/11/2019 Private William James Allen has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial at the Somme in France.
17/11/2019 The 1911 census does not list William as living with the family at house 11 in Joseph Street, Portadown.
30/12/2015 The ship's manifest list's Sarah and her three children.
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