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24/12/2019 The CWGC record Lance Sergeant Tom Radford as the son of Thomas Edgar and Evelyn Radford of Belgrave, Leicester.
24/12/2019 Lance Sergeant Thomas Radford’s remains were brought home to England and he was buried in Leicester (Belgrave) Cemetery.
24/12/2019 Lance Sergeant Thomas Radford was serving with the 1/5th Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment in Northern Ireland during World War Two when he was killed as the result of a motor accident on 12th August 1940 near Caledon. He was 21 years old.
24/12/2019 Thomas Radford was the son of Thomas Edgar and Evelyn Radford. He was born about 1919.
24/12/2019 Captain Phillips, Army M.O., gave evidence of the cause of death and paid a tribute to the civilians and police whom attended the other injured occupants.
24/12/2019 The driver, Private R H Walls, in a statement said the truck, which was doing 15-20 miles an hour, swerved and left the road after passing two children.
24/12/2019 A verdict of death from traumatic asphyxia and fracture of the right ribs following injuries sustained when an army truck in which he was travelling left the road and crashed into a field near Caledon was the verdict returned by Dr A M Elliott, J.P. (Coroner), at Caledon, on an inquest on Sergeant Thomas Radford, who was pinned underneath the vehicle when it tumbled over in the field. Eight other soldier occupants were injured.
24/12/2019 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 24th August 1940: Tyrone Fatality – Soldier Killed
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