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13/01/2022 William James Woods was born on 15th June 1890 in Carrickfergus, County Antrim. He was one of at least nine children. Itís possible his father was married twice.
13/01/2022 William James Woods was the eldest son of William and Margaret Woods. William Woods and Margaret Barry were married on 22nd January 1890 in the district of Carrickfergus.
13/01/2022 William Woods as the husband of Meta Woods.
13/01/2022 Known family: William Woods, Margaret Woods, William James Woods (born 15th June 1890), George Woods (born 5th July 1892), Henry Woods (born 27th August 1898), Samuel Woods (born 27th December 1899), Maggie Jane Woods (born 26th June 1901), Thomas Woods (born 24th September 1902), Allen Woods (born 12th December 1904), Sarah Woods (born 5th February 1906), Matthew Woods (born about 1907, Scotland), Lizzie Woods (born about 1909, Scotland), Isabella Woods (born 18th January 1911).
13/01/2022 In his will, he left all to his wife, who was living at 10 Bathgate Drive, Strandtown, Belfast.
13/01/2022 Last Will and Testament of William Woods dated 2nd November 1916:
13/01/2022 In the event of my death I give the whole of my property and effects to my wife Mrs Meta Woods, 10 Bathgate Drive, Strandtown, Belfast William Woods, Lance Corporal Royal Engineers, 2nd November 1916.
13/01/2022 2nd Corporal William Woods is buried in Abbeville Abbeville Communal Cemetery. His inscription reads: HE SHALL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER THEE
13/01/2022 2nd Corporal William Woods arrived on France with the Royal Engineers on 5th October 1915.
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30/12/2015 The 1901 census lists William James as age 10 living with the family at house 112 in Middle Division, Carrickfergus Rural, Antrim. His father was a Ďsalt manerí. There were, and still are, salt mines in the Carrickfergus area. It may be he was a salt miner.
30/12/2015 The CWGC record 2nd Corporal William Woods as the son of William J. and Margaret Woods, of Carrickfergus, County Antrim and the husband of Meta Woods, of Mayfair, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast
30/12/2015 For much of the First World War, Abbeville Abbeville Communal Cemetery was headquarters of the Commonwealth lines of communication and No.3 BRCS, No.5 and No.2 Stationary Hospitals were stationed there variously from October 1914 to January 1920. The communal cemetery was used for burials from November 1914 to September 1916, the earliest being made among the French military graves. The extension was begun in September 1916.
30/12/2015 2nd Corporal William Woods died of wounds in France on Thursday 28th March 1918. He was 30 years old.
30/12/2015 2nd Corporal William James Woods was serving with the 43rd Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company of the Royal Engineers when he was wounded.
30/12/2015 William Woods was living in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone when he enlisted in Belfast.
30/12/2015 The 1911 census does not list William as living with the family at house 9 in Craiganboy, Glynn, Antrim. His father was a coal miner. William was one of nine children.
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