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25/08/2021 Private Thomas McCornish served with the 1st Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers.
25/08/2021 Thomas McCornish was the youngest son of James and Mary McComish. Thomas McCornish and Mary Steenson were married on 28th July 1871 in the district of Dungannon.
25/08/2021 Derivatives of the spelling of the surname are plentiful. They include: McComish, McCornish, McCormish, McComas, McComash. For simplicity, McCornish is used throughout.
25/08/2021 Thomas McCornish was born on 30th April 1890. He was the youngest of at least six children, all born in the Coalisland area.
25/08/2021 Known family: James McCornish, Mary McCornish, Unnamed son McCornish (born 14th February 1877), Matilda McCornish (born 6th June 1879), William McCornish (born 8th February 1882), John McCornish (born 7th January 1885), Mary Jane McCornish (born 9th April 1887), Thomas McCornish (born 30th April 1890).
25/08/2021 The 1901 census lists Thomas as age 11, living with the family at house 29 in Paris Street, Shankhill, Belfast. James McCornish was a flax dresser.
25/08/2021 Thomas McCornish originally enlisted with the Royal Irish Rifles, service number 9136.
25/08/2021 Private Thomas McCornish died on 30th August 1918 in Belfast. He was 28 years old.
25/08/2021 Private Thomas McCornish is buried and commemorated on Screen Wall H539 in Belfast City Cemetery.
25/08/2021 Private Thomas McCornishis also commemorated on page 61/62 of the Northumberland Fusiliers Book or Remembrance, which is located in the Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland in the Abbot’s Tower at Alnwick Castle.
25/08/2021 It seems Thomas went to live the north of England.
25/08/2021 The 1907 Belfast Street directory lists three McComish families side by side on Paris Street. William was a flax dresser (No 16), Samuel was a labourer (No 20) and James McCornish was a flax dresser (No 22).
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