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30/09/2018 Pte. John Lynn ‘I am at present in a convalescent home. I got wounded in the head and back during the heavy fighting on Saturday and Sunday, by a shell bursting on the edge of the trench, partly falling in on me. I had a narrow escape. They sent me to hospital, and they are all filled up, but I hope to be alright again and back with my regiment. I got a parcel from Newmills – shirts, socks, cigarettes and a prayer book. There was no letter to say who it was from. So I wish to thank the ladies of Newmills for their very useful parcel. It is a great thing to know that while we are out fighting here, the people at home are trying to make us comfortable. The fighting is going on very hot, and will for some time until we get the enemy beaten back, and it will take beating to do it, and every man will be needed, but they have to be beaten sooner or later, and the sooner the better.’
30/09/2018 Pte. John Lynn Private John Lynn, 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, writing to his parents in Coalisland, 25th May, says:-
30/09/2018 Pte. John Lynn 02084
30/09/2018 Pte. John Lynn From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 5th June 1915: Private Lynn Convalescent
30/09/2018 Pte. John Gray ‘I am alive and kicking, although I have had a few pretty narrow shaves within the past few days. You will, I am sure, that poor Jack Gray is dead. He was killed in an advance we were making the other day, for a heavy shrapnel shell got him when he was only about six yards from the German trench parapet. I suppose you know Constable Kennedy, who was stationed at Loughgall. He was killed also on the same day as Gray. We advanced in the face of as terrible an artillery and maxim gun fire as any regiment was ever subjected to in this war. Lord Caledon’s brother, who is one of our officers, was wounded, was wounded and I got the back of my frock torn off by a maxim bullet when we were digging ourselves in under a perfect hail of missiles. The poor old ‘Micks’ lost heavily, but it is the fortune of war. Tell all the boys I was asking for them.’
30/09/2018 Pte. John Gray The many friends in Belfast of Constable John Gray, who had been stationed prior to the outbreak of war in Springfield Road Barracks, will much regret to learn that it is intimated he has been killed in Flanders while serving with the Irish Guards. Constable Gray, who was the eldest son of Mr John W Gray, an extensive farmer residing at Doneydade, near Dungannon, enlisted with the Irish Guards and served the full period. He afterwards joined the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) and was stationed in several districts, both north and south, and at the outbreak of the war, found him doing duty in Belfast in Springfield Road district. He was then called up on the reserve of the Irish Guards and had been on active service at the front for some time. A fellow Guardsman and former police Constable D Hegarty, who is a native of Charlemont, has now written to Constable Bookless, R.I.C., Moy, under date 22nd May, stating:
30/09/2018 Pte. John Gray 02083
30/09/2018 Pte. John Gray From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 5th June 1915: Private John Gray
30/09/2018 Pte. William Richard Dickson Mr R Dickson, Lisnahull, Dungannon, has received official notification from the War Office stating that his son, Private Willie Dickson, 2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, has been killed in action on 16th May, and expressing the sympathy and regret of the Army Council.
30/09/2018 Pte. William Richard Dickson 02082
30/09/2018 Pte. William Richard Dickson From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 5th June 1915:
17/09/2018 Pte. Michael Irwin 02081
17/09/2018 Pte. Joseph Henry Dennis 02080
17/09/2018 Pte. Henry Cowan 02079
02/09/2018 Sgt. Patrick J Weir Sergeant Patrick J Weir is commemorated on his wife’s headstone in Coolhill Cemetery, Killyman Road, Dungannon.
02/09/2018 Sgt. Patrick J Weir 02078
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