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30/12/2015 The following handwritten note describes John's death:
30/12/2015 M33004/18. Casualty Enquiry. Fall on 20th May 1918. In ??? the circumstances attending Moon's death found that the deceased's arm was trapped? between the ??? hatch. And the ??? of the hatches of the HMS Minosa, and upon the hatch being raised, he fell and sustained fatal injuries by striking his neck against the ladder steps and the ladder.
30/12/2015 Leading Stoker John Moon is buried in the Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery and his name is commemorated on the Roll of Honour for Newington Presbyterian Church in North Belfast.
30/12/2015 Leading Stoker John Moon on 16th May 1918 following an accident on board HMS Mimosa.
30/12/2015 From 1st November 1917, he served on HMS Egmont, a Base Ship in Malta.
30/12/2015 He extended his service in March 1914 and was serving on HMS Vivid 2 when the Great War started.
30/12/2015 John Moon and his wife, a linen weaver, lived at 44 Ruth Street in 1911. At the time of the 1911 census, John is not listed as living at Ruth Street.
30/12/2015 John Moon married Rachel Reid on 27th December 1904
30/12/2015 John was a labourer when he joined the Royal Navy on 4th March 1902 for a 12-year period.
30/12/2015 John Moon was born in Dungannon, County Tyrone on 16th September 1878.
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