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04/04/2017 From the Belfast Newsletter dated 30th August 1918:
04/04/2017 Private Thomas H Irwin, died of wounds, resided at Relessy, Fivemiletown
30/12/2015 There is a study of the 58th Infantry Regiment during the period July 15 to July 26, 1918, when it was attached to the French 164th Infantry Division.
30/12/2015 The 1901 census lists Thomas as age 11 living with the family at house 7 in Nurchossy Irish, Ballagh, Tyrone. This is an area midway between Fivemiletown and Clogher. The family were farmers.
30/12/2015 Family: George Irwin, Eliza Irwin, Jane Anne Irwin (born about 1881), Robert Irwin (born about 1883), Samuel Irwin (born about 1887), Thomas Irwin (born about 1890), Mathew Irwin (born about 1892), George Irwin (born about 1894), Eliza Irwin (born about 1895), Sarah Irwin (born about 1897), Andrew Irwin (born about 1898), Alexander Irwin (born about 1900).
30/12/2015 Thomas Irwin arrived in New York as a 20 year old farmer from Fivemiletown on 14th May 1909. His father George is listed as being from Ralesey, Fivemiletown. His destination is given as Ida, Iowa.
30/12/2015 The 1911 census shows the family to be living in Relessy, Fivemiletown, Tyrone. Thomas is not present. They were still a farming family.
30/12/2015 Thomas Irwin was living in Silver Creek Township, Ida County, Iowa. Reports suggest he was drafted on 22 September 1918, which is clearly incorrect.
30/12/2015 Thomas Henry Irwin, was the son of George and Eliza Irwin. Thomas was born 17 April 1890 in Clogher, County Tyrone.
30/12/2015 Thomas Irwin arrived in France 1st May 1918 as part of Company E of 58th Battalion of the US Army.
30/12/2015 On July 10th, the regiment was assigned a sector in the zone of the VII French Army Corps. This defensive position was organized, and the Regiment was ready to occupy it in case the Germans broke through. Each night one platoon was sent from the front line companies to occupy the trenches for a 24-hour tour. On July 15th, the Regiment moved to Rademont (due west of Chateau Thierry), from whence large details were sent into the French lines to get ďa view of real warfare."
30/12/2015 July 17: During the past several days successive details had been sent to the trenches to serve with the French. The Regiment suffered casualties. Thomas apparently was one of those early 58th Regiment casualties among those men detailed to the French lines.
30/12/2015 Thomas Irwin was killed in action on 15 July 1918 near Chateau Thierry, France.
30/12/2015 After the war, the U.S. Government gave next of kin (NOK) the one-time option of having their loved ones remain in military cemeteries in Europe or having them returned at government expense to the United States for burial in a military, family, or public cemetery. These repatriations began in 1921 and were several thousand in number. Since Thomas was single, his NOK in Ireland must have chosen to have him brought to his native soil.
30/12/2015 Thomas was re-interred in Ireland on 3 December 1921.
30/12/2015 His training took him from Camp Dodge then to Camp Pike and Camp Green.
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