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22/04/2016 The CWGC record Able Seaman William Thomas Hughes as the son of Mrs M Hughes of Railway Street, Banbridge, County Down, and the late Mr Hughes.
22/04/2016 Able Seaman William Hughes is buried in Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent, England.
22/04/2016 Able Seaman William Hughes was serving with the Royal Navy on H.M.S. Norseman when he died of illness on 22nd January 1919.
22/04/2016 On Friday 1st January 1915, he was on board the battleship H.M.S. Formidable when it was torpedoed by a submarine. Able Seaman Hughes was rescued by the trawler Provident. His service number at that time was SS/3214.
22/04/2016 William Hughes joined the Royal Navy.
22/04/2016 The 1911 census lists William Thomas as age 19 living with the family at house 20 in Railway Street, Banbridge. William, his father and his brother were general labourers.
22/04/2016 The 1901 census lists William as age 9 living with the family at house 33 in Reilly Street, Banbridge, County Down. His father was a railway porter.
22/04/2016 Sometime between 1895 and 1899, the family moved to Banbridge.
22/04/2016 Family: William Hughes, Matilda Hughes, Margaret Hughes (born 4th February 1891, Dungannon), William Thomas Hughes (born 8th September 1892, Dungannon), John Hughes (born 26th January 1895, Dungannon), Robert Hughes (born 17th August 1899, Banbridge).
22/04/2016 William Thomas Hughes was born on 8th September 1892 in Dungannon. He was one of four children.
22/04/2016 William Hughes was the eldest son of William and Matilda Hughes. William Hughes and Matilda Wright were married on 6th December 1887 in the district of Craigavon.
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